Hey, I'm happy to welcome you on my website and my blog. I'm Alexandra, 26.  I've been into photography for around 10 years so far, it started as a hobby and in the course of time developed into a real passion of my life, that's why I decided to share my passion with others and made it my permanent job. Photography is one of the main ways to express myself, to show how everything and everyone surrounding me looks within my perception. And for sure, photography has another extremely vital function, it brings us back into moments that we will never experience again. Every moment is unique and special, inimitable and exclusive and the main task of a good photographer is to catch it.


My profile is portraiture photography and the headshots for actors' portfolios. I've been collaborating with Moscow actor agencies and creating portfolios shootings for German actors and musicians for 3 previous years.


In my work I stick to simplicity and laconic style, focusing on emotions and personal picularities. I tend to create simple pictures with a strong personal message which can serve as a perfect presentation on your website, poster or as a profile page in the agency.


If you've loved the style of my work, please contact me to discuss all the details.